Update! Where I’ve been and What’s Next

Hello, my creative preciouses. It’s been quite some time. Do forgive me. Sleep deprivation hasn’t fled from me for over a year now. This is mostly my ten-month-old’s fault, but my four-year-old has also been waking in the wee hours as well, causing this momma to awaken four or so times nightly. Three espresso shots barely help, but it’s just a season. I hope. (That was a lot of numbers and I loathe math.)

So yep, that makes four kiddos now, all five and under, two of which I homeschool.

Me. Plus one.

We also bought and sold a home after a year of living in it, then moved to another state, and it took seven months to finally close on a new home to which we finally moved into five months ago.

In writing news, I revised the first book I’ve ever written, turning the over 100K manuscript into three novellas. WANTED: A Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Suck drives you into the drama that began with my first love at seventeen, onto my second, and then my third and last. It’s my true, supernatural love story. I am looking for readers/reviewers so if you’re interested, do leave me a comment with your email and I’ll shoot it over to ya.

Excerpt from The Phantom Lover

What about you? What have you been up to? Feel free to leave a comment regarding your happenings.

At the end of the day, I’m thankful to God for the life He gave me. Mostly, for giving me Himself, because without Him, I don’t know where I’d be.

Happy reading!

Withered writing hand, but I’ll extend it anyway

I’ve been writing-deprived for some time. I wanna get back in the groove, share, flow, pour out whatever this imagination can come up with. But I have some serious frienemies (friend/enemies), these Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3’s: my precious children. I adore them. They’re far more important than writing, but my sleep deprivation makes it quite difficult to squeeze in time to type. I have other duties as well, that shove this to the back burner. But alas, I wanna find time, I wanna make time, I wanna fight for this…

This is influence. I’m not in this for the money (as my four-year-plus KDP account will testify). But I can show my fellow young people (I’m not thirty yet so I can say that), something fresh, some new perspectives, though truly, they aren’t new, they’re ancient, they’re infinite, but in our culture’s context they’re new, unique, and refreshing, especially when embraced. Valor with integrity, valor with purity, valor with hope, and with genuine love. My goodness, how many stories there are to tell, how many characters there are to display.

So if you’re a Christian, do pray for me…And to all my readers, I want to do this for you.

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Coryn of Bellsferry: Blood Thieves -Chapter 5: Unexpected Guests

Hunter aesthetic! 

Brown Plain Collages Facebook Post

Coryn Aesthetic!

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Chapter 5 of Coryn of Bellsferry: Blood Thieves is here! Check it out on Wattpad!

“I shivered, despite the summer heat. What if something happened to me? What if the Blood Thieves got to me? What would that do to my daughter, losing the person closest to her? She barely knew Gunner and Dixie. She’d be devastated and scared, and the security and joy of her childhood bubble would burst and she’d be thrown into the dark, confusing maze of this dangerous world. Death was banging on all of our doors, especially mine and Krista’s, and who knew when it’d break through and seize its loot. It could happen tonight…”-from chapter 5

Chapter vibes:




Coryn Aesthetic!

Brown Plain Collages Facebook Post (2)


“With long snaking roads enshrouded by dense woodland and only smatters of clarity along the rolling hills, the beautiful countryside of Bellsferry was the perfect place for predators to stalk.” Coryn knows fate when she’s pricked by it–she thinks.

In a world where American law has been overthrown, and wanna-be supernatural, self-made vampires exist–who by the way, are really creepy and demented and have started preying on the small town of Bellsferry–there also exists Coryn, a twenty-three-year-old single mother who’s just trying to survive through life–and give her daughter a somewhat decent one. But when Coryn is taken under her gunslinging neighbors’ wings and something…otherworldly happens, forget decent; she and her daughter’s lives are now even more dangerous than before. Sigh. That’s what happens when you accidentally become the only real nemesis to the deranged psychopaths who have iron-gripped your hometown.

Since before the demolition of law, Coryn grew up surviving through life, but now she has to protect not only herself and her seven-year-old daughter, but their entire town–doesn’t she?


Have you been following along? If so, what are your thoughts so far? Got a WIP you’re working on? Are you on Wattpad? Let me know! Happy reading! -Natasha

I’m a YouTuber: Videos of Funny YA Readings & Relationship Advice for Christian Women

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Why Kick-Butt Female Characters in YA Are Getting Frustrating


YA books are rife with “I can kick a man’s behind and then some” kind of young women and it’s aggravating to say the least. Why, as a woman, do I feel this way?

Because in reality, we girls often tend to be less PHYSICALLY strong then men, and often times, more emotional.

But somewhere along the line, this lie, this message began to fester that because we women are different in those ways, we are lesser and so we must work our tails off to strive and be stronger in every way possible than a man.

It’s rather frustrating because we women have our own fortitudes and feminine nature that make us different and unique and beautiful and COMPLEMENTARY to our fellow men, not LESSER than. But because of the lie, we now despise those natural, complementary elements like nurturing, gentleness, often times beauty, etc., instead of embracing them, and we become wanna-be men–whether we realize it or not!

We are not proving we are better by trying to do everything they do, instead, we are showing an insecurity about our own identities and natural feminine design.

I think the most beautiful women are ones who are confident in their femininity and own it. They own motherhood, beauty, gentleness, etc. and rather than try and compete with and defeat their fellow man, they complement and support them. These women know it isn’t about rivalry because there’s nothing to prove: I am woman, beautiful as I am, you are man, different and I respect your differences.

I have to be careful myself not to cater to this mindset when writing my female characters, because truly, rather than edifying, I believe this message is hurtful to young women who already battle with enough lies about women, to now be all the more insecure about and loathe their femininity.

I love my long hair. I know I despise the gym and I don’t care. I would never pick a fight with a man, and if a man did try and hurt me, I’d pray there was a stronger one around to take him out on my behalf. Like this man I read about who helped a woman who couldn’t defend herself against another man trying to sexually assault her in broad day light with many turning their cheek. And this guy, who took on a group of vicious goons–apparently both men AND women–attacking an elderly woman.

I adore and respect man’s innate desire to protect, and I’m extremely thankful for when they do! Don’t get me wrong, I have a desire to protect my children and friends, but I know there are some foes capable men would do better at defending against than I. On the flip side, I know of many women who are better at caring for children than men. They have an innate wisdom and careful nurturing knowledge that many men seem deficient of. Leave a man with the kids and I’ll tell you, he ain’t better at it than mom. Again, we’re different, we complement one another, and that’s a beautiful thing.

What would man be without woman? What would woman be without man? But I’m afraid with the feminist message which, underneath it all, is truly anti-woman, there will be more and more imitation men out there and less and less genuine women.

Here’s a Great Resource to Get Free Book Reviews & Publicity!

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All right fellow authors, have you heard of M.C. Frank’s the Book Robin Hoods book community? There’s a number of fiction-loving readers on there who have either a book review blog, Goodreads account, Instagram (some with thousands of followers!), or all three! It’s simple, the site gives out these reader/reviwers’ emails, and you can query them, asking if they’d like to receive an eBook copy (or print if you can afford to), of your novel in exchange for an honest review.

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I’ve received several reviews from these readers, and even snagged some Amazon ones (and we all know Amazon reviews are gold). So, what are you waiting for, author? Check it out!

Happy helping!