Coryn of Bellsferry: Blood Thieves -Chapter 5: Unexpected Guests

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Coryn Aesthetic!

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Chapter 5 of Coryn of Bellsferry: Blood Thieves is here! Check it out on Wattpad!

“I shivered, despite the summer heat. What if something happened to me? What if the Blood Thieves got to me? What would that do to my daughter, losing the person closest to her? She barely knew Gunner and Dixie. She’d be devastated and scared, and the security and joy of her childhood bubble would burst and she’d be thrown into the dark, confusing maze of this dangerous world. Death was banging on all of our doors, especially mine and Krista’s, and who knew when it’d break through and seize its loot. It could happen tonight…”-from chapter 5

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Coryn Aesthetic!

Brown Plain Collages Facebook Post (2)


“With long snaking roads enshrouded by dense woodland and only smatters of clarity along the rolling hills, the beautiful countryside of Bellsferry was the perfect place for predators to stalk.” Coryn knows fate when she’s pricked by it–she thinks.

In a world where American law has been overthrown, and wanna-be supernatural, self-made vampires exist–who by the way, are really creepy and demented and have started preying on the small town of Bellsferry–there also exists Coryn, a twenty-three-year-old single mother who’s just trying to survive through life–and give her daughter a somewhat decent one. But when Coryn is taken under her gunslinging neighbors’ wings and something…otherworldly happens, forget decent; she and her daughter’s lives are now even more dangerous than before. Sigh. That’s what happens when you accidentally become the only real nemesis to the deranged psychopaths who have iron-gripped your hometown.

Since before the demolition of law, Coryn grew up surviving through life, but now she has to protect not only herself and her seven-year-old daughter, but their entire town–doesn’t she?


Have you been following along? If so, what are your thoughts so far? Got a WIP you’re working on? Are you on Wattpad? Let me know! Happy reading! -Natasha

What is it about a book’s first page that keeps you reading?


I’m curious:

What is it about a book’s first page that keeps you flipping?

Are you able to share an example of a book whose first page just grabbed you and held on until the last page? I want to know what book did that for you and why. Then I can go Amazon-“Look inside”-stalk and see if I agree with you or not. 😉 Happy discussing!


Killing Your Characters

So killing off characters in your story: is it fun for you, or torture?

I’ve been on both sides of this fence, and I can say that now, it’s leaning toward more fun. For me, there’s something about the shock of it, the later oh-so-hoped for justice, the real-ness it adds to the danger and the story in general, and of course, the emotions it stirs. But what say you? I wanna know your reasons as to why you enjoy killing characters in your story, or why you hate it. Let the discussion begin!

Why Are My Sidekicks Outshining My Hero?

I still struggle with this very thing: thinking my main character isn’t as interesting as his friends and other characters. So in this post, I invite you guys to share your thoughts, opinions, and any advice you have on this subject. Do you relate? Or is your MC/hero the most lovable person in your story? If so, why is that the case, and how’d you pull that off without purposefully making your other characters less interesting? Share away in the comments!


Writing Craft Wednesday: How to Hook Your Readers from Line One

My article title hooked you–ha! Seriously, your first line is your very first impression. I’m one of those readers that will be ready to tap-out if the first sentence of a novel is not gripping. I am not one for giving such novels, “a chance,” because when I do, I am usually right about the story and/or prose being lame and end up getting quickly let down.

Don’t assume your audience has the patience to stick around till the second or third chapter when things finally start getting juicy. You’re biased; you have patience for your story and can wait until chapter three because it’s YOUR story and you know what’s going to happen! Your readers aren’t prophets, okay? They need to know right off the bat that your novel is worth spending precious time on because reading a book is a very personal investment. If you want your readers to stick around, come up with an enticing first sentence. Here’s some first-liners that hooked me, and the books turned out to be well worth my time, as expected:

“The death alarm sounded, that phantom punch in the gut I always dreaded.”-Reapers, book 1.

“Phoenix, I brought ghosts with me.”-Beyond the Gateway, Reapers book 2.

Bryan Davis’s Reapers books did NOT disappoint. I was a new, sleep-deprived mom who still managed to stay up into the wee hours of the night flippin’ pages and ignoring my serious need for rest because I just had to know what was going to happen next.

Your hook–your book’s first sentence–is extremely important; as important as your cover, if not even more so! Ever browse a Barnes and Noble, pick up a novel with an interesting cover, then read the first few sentences and think, lame, then put it back on the shelf? Exactly.

Don’t let your novel be the book that gets good eventually rather than immediately. More and more, patience is becoming an endangered quality in our society so go back to your very first line and make sure it’ll reel in readers and bring them to checkout.

Happy helping!

What novels have you read with great hooks? Which ones have you put down because of a weak hook? Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment.