Coryn of Bellsferry: Blood Thieves -Chapter 5: Unexpected Guests

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Coryn Aesthetic!

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Chapter 5 of Coryn of Bellsferry: Blood Thieves is here! Check it out on Wattpad!

“I shivered, despite the summer heat. What if something happened to me? What if the Blood Thieves got to me? What would that do to my daughter, losing the person closest to her? She barely knew Gunner and Dixie. She’d be devastated and scared, and the security and joy of her childhood bubble would burst and she’d be thrown into the dark, confusing maze of this dangerous world. Death was banging on all of our doors, especially mine and Krista’s, and who knew when it’d break through and seize its loot. It could happen tonight…”-from chapter 5

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Coryn Aesthetic!

Brown Plain Collages Facebook Post (2)


“With long snaking roads enshrouded by dense woodland and only smatters of clarity along the rolling hills, the beautiful countryside of Bellsferry was the perfect place for predators to stalk.” Coryn knows fate when she’s pricked by it–she thinks.

In a world where American law has been overthrown, and wanna-be supernatural, self-made vampires exist–who by the way, are really creepy and demented and have started preying on the small town of Bellsferry–there also exists Coryn, a twenty-three-year-old single mother who’s just trying to survive through life–and give her daughter a somewhat decent one. But when Coryn is taken under her gunslinging neighbors’ wings and something…otherworldly happens, forget decent; she and her daughter’s lives are now even more dangerous than before. Sigh. That’s what happens when you accidentally become the only real nemesis to the deranged psychopaths who have iron-gripped your hometown.

Since before the demolition of law, Coryn grew up surviving through life, but now she has to protect not only herself and her seven-year-old daughter, but their entire town–doesn’t she?


Have you been following along? If so, what are your thoughts so far? Got a WIP you’re working on? Are you on Wattpad? Let me know! Happy reading! -Natasha

Fantasy Friday: “The Academy’s Royal Resident and Rival” – Through Elisena’s Eyes Part 2, Chapter 3 (Short Story)

I know it’s not Friday again. I’m working on it. Feel free to let me know what your thoughts are on the story so far. Ugh, that rhymed. Check out the previous chapters here. Happy reading!


A glowing white orb pulsed above me. With a low hum, its gentle pace mirrored my heartbeat.

“Elly,” Javin’s strained voice said, and his prickling anxiety itched my skin. He sat in an old armchair next to the bed I lay in, covered by ivory sheets. My closed umbrella leaned against a small, wooden end-table. An open window on the back wall revealed nearby orange trees brightly lit beneath the afternoon daystar.

“How long have I been unconscious?”

“An hour.” Javin leaned over and brushed aside a strand of frizzy brown hair from my forehead. “What were you thinking? Why didn’t you have your umbrella open?”

“How’d you know I didn’t have it open?”

His eyes narrowed and anger’s stinging heat rubbed against my cheeks. “Eldin told me.”

My face burned. “How long was he here?”

“For as long as he could stand me.”

Lying’s rapid pulse harassed my knees. I sat upright. “Be honest, Javin.”

He sighed. “He was here until Miss Alesia made him go to second lesson.”

Now my stomach knotted from my own emotions. Eldin had to be told to leave me? He probably just felt bad for me like usual. This isn’t the first time I had a breakdown in front of him. “Well,” I said, “you’re not the only one who pities me.”

Javin sighed again. “We don’t just pity you, Elly. We care about you.”

“Because I’m weak and pathetic.”

The smoothe warmth of compassion stroked my back. “You’re not weak or pathetic. Except with a sword.”

I huffed. “No more than you are obnoxious and creepy with the girls you like.”

“Listen, sis’, one day I’ll find a girl who’s adventurous enough to soar over the mountains with me in a roto sack.”

“And one who’s brave enough to put up with your creature stench.”

“Hate to break your nose clamp, but you’ve often smelled just as bad.”

As Javin laughed, I back-handed his chest. “Only while working in the farm for a few hours.”

His laughing dwindled and a blend of concern’s hot swell, caution’s soft rub, and love’s heart-encompassing warmth emanated from him. His eyes faded to lavender. “You know I love you, Elly. And I just want what’s best for you.”

“You mean what’s best for your sanity.”

“Mostly, yes.” He rubbed his dirty-nailed hands against his thighs. “I don’t think Eldin is the best for you.”

I glared at him.

“But I don’t think he’s the worst either.”

I raised an eyebrow and my heartbeat quickened, causing the white vital monitoring orb above me to flicker. Javin glanced at it and then took a long breath.

“Did he…say something to you?”

Javin lowered his lavender eyes. “Maybe.”

I tossed the covers aside and jumped to my feet. “What did he say?”

The door opened and a blue-eyed, dark-bunned woman in a white dress bustled into the room. She stopped beside me and pressed a warm hand against my forehead before slowly moving her palm from left to right in front of my face. She dropped her hand and smiled. “You are all better now.” She looked at my umbrella. “I suggest you keep that open during all of your lessons.”

I gave a nod and grabbed it.

“And that you get something to eat.”

I stiffened as the dull pang of a headache pushed against the back of my skull. I could maybe have a few sweet-stems for midday meal. But at the moment, eating didn’t matter more than finding out what Eldin told Javin. I clipped my umbrella to my back and scurried from the room, Javin trailing. “What do you have for second lesson?”

“Knowledge,” I replied as we traversed into a small lobby with wooden chairs. Lowering my voice while we walked out of another door and into the corridor, I eyed Papa-twin. “What did Eldin tell you?”

A heavy puff of protection blew against my face as Javin spoke. “That I wasn’t the only one who would look after you.”

“Look after me?” I groaned. “Ugh, it’s like I have two big brothers. Wonderful.”

“Elly, I saw the way he looked at you while you laid there slobbering in your sleep.”

My neck burned as my heart jumped. “I drooled!”

Javin snickered. “Nah, I just wanted to see your reaction.”

I punched his bicep. “One day I’ll learn how to throw a solid punch and leave both of your arms bruised.”

“I’ll believe it when I feel it.”

I brushed my hair behind my ear and twirled my umbrella. “So…how did he look at me?”

Javin sucked his teeth, and discomfort scraped my calves. “I don’t want to be your little love mediator.” He straightened. “I take that back. I would like to stay right smack dab in the middle of you two until he proves he is more worthy than the Supreme Prince of Zephoris himself”–Javin halted. His mouth fell open. Confusion’s high ring buzzed in my ear. I snatched my umbrella and opened it before following Javin’s stare. My knees weakened. I swallowed as my heart raced. In the commons, above the cobblestone fireplace, etched into the wood, smoking letters spelled: Disappear like your brother, Supreme Prince. 

Sweat dampened my hairline. What did this vile message mean? Was this a joke? Did Supreme Prince Tane visit the academy? And what happened to Prince Nuelle?

Javin clasped my hand and pulled me to the right into the Hall of Enri.

“What are you doing?”

“Sending you home.”

“What?” I yanked my hand free.

Javin pointed back toward the commons. “That is why I didn’t want you coming here. I knew this wasn’t a good idea.”

“Well it wasn’t your decision to make.”

“But I was right, wasn’t I?”

“Right about what? We don’t even know what that message means.”

Javin’s voice rose. “That’s called a threat, Elly. And whoever was bold enough to burn that into the wall’s of Supreme King Nifal’s academy is dangerous.”

My hands trembled. Yes, the fact that anyone would have the nerve to vandalize the walls of this sacred place, this place of honor, instituted by the very maker of us all and threaten his son was terrifying. Whoever did this was either deranged, highly intoxicated, or just…overflowing with deadly evil.

Javin grabbed my hand again and walked forward. I shook myself free. As Javin slowly turned to me with nostrils flaring, I tried to steady my increased shaking. “I’m not leaving.”

“You’re not staying either.”

“I was invited to this academy by the Supreme King. How can I abandon this great call and honor after his very son has been threatened?”

“Because it isn’t your place to protect him, Elly! You’re not a Sentry!”

“I’m at a knight-building academy. I was called to protect our people.”

“Elly, look at me!” He pointed at the thin scar lining his eyebrow and descending to his cheek. “You can’t even swing a sword. Come on, you weren’t made for this so stop trying to be something you’re not.”

Squeezing my umbrella stick, I spun around and marched back into the commons.

“Elly, please.” Javin followed. “Will you listen to me for once!”

I mounted one of the stone platforms beside the desecrated fireplace.

Javin peered at me with glassy eyes. “Please, Elly. I can’t lose you, too.”

A pang struck my heart. Ever since Mother left, he’d become overly protective. He believed he had to cling tightly or he’d lose whatever he held onto. And he was right. He could lose me. I could walk onto a path I’d never return from, but in the end, that choice belonged to me, not him.

“Second floor.” At my command, the platform jolted into the air. Tears blurred my eyes as I looked down at Javin, staring up at me with the same face he had as he watched our mother fly away for good.

The platform rose through a rectangular opening in the ceiling and then stopped. The trumpet indicating the end of second lesson blared through the corridor. Doors on either side of me opened and prodigies poured into the hallway. Gossiping chatter filled my ears. “I can’t believe Prince Nuelle is at the academy.”

My heart skipped. So one of King Nifal’s sons was here. But why would Prince Nuelle leave his palace in Agapon and come here? Sweat moistened my back, making my tunic stick to my skin. Was the message in the commons true? Did Tane disappear? And if so, where to and why?

As I strode forward, a quiet stillness suddenly embraced me; a strong, immovable peace I’d never experienced before. It steadied my weakened knees and trembling hands and sparked something in my chest…hope.

I don’t know what my purpose is, or why King Nifal gave me this gift, but I have this feeling in my heart that the answer is right here inside these halls, waiting for me to discover it.

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Through Elisena’s Eyes: Free YA fantasy eBook

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Hey fellow writers/readers. I have a short free eBook in journal format from a beloved character in Prodigy Prince, Elisena.

Whether you’ve already read Prodigy Prince or not, this is a prologue and won’t spoil anything. You can get Elisena’s Journal here.

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