Just Finish the Darn Novel Already

I am preaching to myself–I, who have been slogging through completing my second novel for three friggin’ years. Yes, I do have four children six and under, with the youngest being 14-months-old, BUT surely, in three years I could’ve made more time to write–I just didn’t.

It is soooo much easier to just find an entertaining escape; watching YouTube videos, binging a on a streaming site, doing another artistic hobby that takes a lot less brain power and time (for me it was designing mugs and t-shirts). Writing. Is. Grueling. ESPECIALLY when it means so much to you and you gotta be all freaking superhero with it–wanting your book to do more than just entertain. You know, when you would rather your book be significant in impacting readers more than you’d like it to just be successful in a popularity/fiscal sense. Because I want my book to be powerful and used by God I laid this pressure on myself that makes my novel daunting.

I can’t shake the desire for my book to be more than just an exciting and wonderfully written tale so my only other option is to force myself to keep writing despite the weight of it. The annoying yet freeing thing about this dilemma is that when I finally do get to writing, I just flow. It’s getting myself to that point that’s been my struggle.

I feel like Moses. And no, my book won’t be as impactful as his calling from God was, but I mean the sentiment and the hesitancy the man struggled with to just go and do what he was told. He did it, but it wasn’t an easy task. Sometimes, no one can get you to write your book. You’ve gotta just choose to stop making excuses and do it. This is a long-haul passion/career. I’ve invested in the craft for over eight years and spent thousands of dollars on it. I cannot give up.

What about you? What is your biggest roadblock to writing?

All right, off to homeschool and then, dare I say it, I will write for a second day in a row! Off to the races!

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