Where Have I Been Wandering?

My preciouses, where have I been? Well, between preparing for our move to another state, wife and mom duty, and editing weddings, I’ve been a busy-bee. However, I haven’t stopped writing.

I started a new YA fantasy story blog: Through Elisena’s Eyes.

Some would call it a gift, and others a curse: Elisena can peer into hearts. What’s hidden from everyone is visible to a sixteen-year-old girl with her own heart-issues to conquer. 

Join Elisena on her journey from seeing all, yet not being seen–until she is invited to attend Knight’s Elect Academy.

There’s much growth and adventure awaiting to happen as she struggles to love herself and fulfill her purpose.

If you’re into romance and adventure in a high-fantasy setting, check it out. Here’s the first post:

My name is Elisena. I will be seventeen soon, and I live in the rigid yet beautiful mountains of Jazerland, the land of the faithful. But lately, faithfulness to our dear Supreme King has been slowly replaced with rebellion, though no one’s brave enough to say it–yet. But I could read their hearts–quite literally.

Some would call it a gift and some, a curse. I deem it both, though it has always leaned more toward the cursed side. You see, when I see into people’s hearts, I know not only what they are feeling, but what they are full of…(Read more)



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