“God Loves ME” Can Be A Dangerous Mindset 

Be careful about the potentially very dangerous “God loves ME” ideology. 

Yes, God is Love, and loves you, but God loves the whole world because that is who HE is. HE is good and HE is Love. We cannot win His love, or impress Him to make Him love us more. NOR can we assume since He loves us we can continue living however we want and He will accept it and tolerate it. 

Just like I love my son, Arrow, to pieces, but I cannot accept his tendency to scream and throw fits whenever he doesn’t get what he wants because it will be detrimental to him in the future when he discovers you don’t always get what you want, and it is setting a bad example for his brother and whoever else he will have in his sphere of influence, aka, everyone he ever meets. 

I also cannot tolerate his jealousy and allow him to hit his brother, or demand me to pay attention to him at the expense of his brother’s needs. It is destructive not only to him, but to the relationships he has with those closest to him, and those whom he meets outside of the four walls of our home. 

God is good and God is a Father. He expects and requires obedience. There is sin that leads not unto death, but there is also sin that DOES. 

Be wise. Read your bible, take time to get to know the God you claim to love, just as you would get to know a human being you say you love, so that He can show you how to be right with Him and protect you from His righteous judgement, because God does not lie, and He promises to, “render to each one according to his deeds.”


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