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“Natasha Sapienza is a passionate storyteller. She infuses her very heart into her craft, a heart of sacrificial courage and joyous love. I am looking forward to seeing her author career soar.”-CBA Young Adult Best-selling fantasy author, Bryan Davis (Dragons in Our Midst Series)

“I would like to first show my gratitude on your encouragement on those who are waiting especially girls, am one of them you’ve inspired me, and God has used u and your blog many times to help me grow and sustain my purity.”-Nakiwe D.

“My name is Tara and I just found your blog today. I’ve spent about 6 of the last 8 hours I have been at work reading your blog & I love it!!”-Tara L.

“Natasha, just wanted to say YOU ROCK girl!! I love your blog betterthanedward and I just watched your video, Must See for the Ladies,..the music in the background goes perfect with the message 🙂 I am still waiting for my prince, but I know God will send him soon. Young women need to hear the message you are sending out! Awesome blog!!”-Theodora



“You are doing a lot from what I can see, every article you write is piercing and true, filled with backing scripture. You expose the water downed doctrines and you exalt the truth, in love! You take the time out of your day and novels to hear about us and to give us Godly advice. Every time you are posting new and new articles that are relevant for us. Personally I feel the love that you have for the people of God. I think that you are doing a great job with your novels, articles, and videos.”-Daniela R.